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All of the coffees that we sell, start as freshly roasted whole beans.

We know that a lot of people don't have a grinder at home (but we highly recommend you invest in one), you can select to have them pre-ground from the drop menu on the purchasing page.


The majority of the coffees are suitable for all brewing methods, but we do specifically roast 1 or 2 coffees for espresso. The difference in the roast allows all of the good flavours to be fully extracted in the short time frame that it takes to make an espresso.


Currently Roasting

Banco Gotete from Ethiopia

Ndundu AA from Kenya

Businde from Burundi

Villamaria from Colombia

El Guayaquil from Peru

Finca El Tambor from Guatemala

Onze Mil Campo Alegres from Brazil

Finca Patagonia from El Salvador